CATALYST is a digital platform about making a difference in the world. We are a dynamic website about social action and travel for a purpose, home to videos, blogs, photo galleries and more. We are a social network, a collaborative community of activists, travelers and creative contributors, all of us humanitarians.

CATALYST connects people with global consciousness with social good organizations and travel opportunities creating positive change.

CATALYST is home to hundreds of listings of travel opportunities worldwide, travel while doing good in the world.

CATALYST is a social enterprise.


CATALYST. see the planet, change the world

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Founder and Head of Content  ::  amy@catalyst.cm

Amy has been a lifelong traveler, volunteer and entrepreneur. She has visited more than 40 countries, most recently lived with the Maasai while volunteering in their school system, and participated in surf outreach with disadvantaged kids in Bangladesh. Previously, she was founder and editor-in-chief of the award-winning adventure travel magazine BLUE.



Cofounder, Finance + Technology : esin@catalyst.cm

Esin’s experience ranges from project management of corporate systems for Fortune 100 companies to personal shopping websites. He’s always on the lookout for a simpler and easier way to do things. Most recently he graduated from NYU with an MBA in Corporate Finance, Marketing, and Strategy, but he’s still in a never ending learning mode.


Creative Director  

Tina is an award-winning Creative Director and Designer having spent 15 years working for the cutting edge Lambesis branding agency. She has a love for creating lasting brands by interpreting commercial arts along with her fine arts abilities (typography, oil painting, sketching and photography). She has a passion to give and to understand the world around her, and to do as much as she can to help those in need… worldwide! Past projects and causes include…National Resource Defense Council (NRDC), RayGun Magazine, Primal Wear , Gold Peak Tea and Coffee, Dasani, Airwalk and Bebe.


Content Editor

Sarah is an undergraduate at Yale University and a content editor for CATALYST. As a traveler who has visited 30 countries (and counting!), she feels passionate about international development through sustainable mechanisms. Sarah has taken an interest in the intersection between public health and theater, and hopes to create a program that utilizes these disciplines for community empowerment. 


Nousha Salimi


Nousha is an Iranian photographer, specializing in portrait and reportage. Her work has been published in TIME, Sonima, Yoga Journal, Global Citizen and she has done a great deal of work with NGOs globally such as UNICEF, Tibetan Children Villages in India, Designing Hope in Romania and more. She is a global spirit and drawn to CATALYST as a force for positive social change.


Adriane Boff

Adriane Boff


Adri is the host of the Catalyst Series, a series of video interviews with changemakers in the worlds of social action in travel. Originally from Brazil and the world of modeling, she is drawn to CATALYST through her experience traveling the world and exploring other cultures. She is actively engaged in a life of volunteering, and has volunteered at the Bhakti Center, Stanton Street Yoga, Africa Yoga Project and BoffBand4Change. Her two favorite words are inspiration and kindness.