How 1,000 People x 3 Hours = Change in the World

One year ago, we launched our first 'Change Heroes' campaign, and since then the results have been incredible. We have funded over 20 schools to be built in 4 developing countries that will impact roughly 20,000 children. Change Heroes is an online fundraising platform that aims to assist one person in rallying 33 people to give $3.33 a day for 3 months. All of that "pocket change" adds up to a cool $10,000 - enough to build a school, or well, or library in a developing country. 

We had been testing the platform on people in all different age, sex, and financial demographics over the last year, getting ready for a much bigger campaign. One aimed at funding 1000 projects (schools, wells, and libraries). Before going for the 1000, we wanted to test it one last time. One month ago, we launched 25 individual campaigns (25 people all aiming to get 33 people each to give their pocket change). In just one month, we have raised $100,000 and the campaigns are still running. 

Since their launch, some campaigns have grown quickly, others more slowly, and everything else in between. Amazingly, David Stern, one of our campaign runners, raised $10,000 in just 4 days (he is now at $11,000 and the donations are still coming in). 

This process has resulted in a huge mix of emotions, along with thoughts about what we can be doing better to set up the campaign runners for success. The learning has been incredible, and we keep striving to identify what worked well, ditch what didn’t, and implement more tools that we think will create more "Davids" in the future.

We are currently on a MISSION to put together the tribe of 1,000 people who will run campaigns aimed at building a school, library, or well (it is up to the individual). We have a dream of impacting the world in a huge way, and plan to build 333 school houses, 333 wells, and 333 libraries that will serve over one million children. In all honesty, doing this isn’t that difficult. All it requires is 1,000 people who want change the world taking 3 hours to set up their own campaigns (yep, it only takes 3 hours to do), and then watching as hundreds of kids are empowered.

I can't even convey how excited I am about these next few months. It's not just about raising a bunch of money, and the incredible impact those funds will have. It’s also about the 1,000 people who run these campaigns being able to experience change at a deep level. There is something special about impacting the lives of hundreds of people that you don't know: it’s surreal, exciting, joyful, and yet also the most natural feeling. Something inside you just clicks... it is a feeling that your heart, mind, and soul all love together and can find nothing wrong with. It is something unexplainable, and something that I feel every life is incomplete without.

If taking 3 hours to build a school for hundreds of people appeals to you, join us at We would love to change the world with you.



Taylor is the founder of 'Change Heroes' and 'Destroy Normal Consulting', which focus on innovative philanthropy and building projects like schools, wells, and libraries all over the developing world. His most recent efforts have seen schools funded in India, Nepal, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania, impacting over 30,000 children. He has set foot on every continent, dozens of countries, and has worked as a professional fire fighter, real estate broker, and currently as an avid social entrepreneur.