How Can You Use Travel For Good?

As the Chinese proverb goes, “tourism is like fire. It can cook your food or burn your house down.” At travel2change, a network of travelers and locals who collaborate to create ideas and actions that benefit communities around the world, we carry this thought into our work and collaborate with local communities to create meaningful change.

Travel can be one of the most enlightening experiences, but sometimes the footprints we make can have a detrimental impact on the local people and their way of life. Even volunteering abroad can be shrouded in ethical challenges and controversies when volunteer opportunities are designed more to benefit the volunteer or organization than the community that they are hoping to help. At travel2change, we believe there is a way to do humanitarian work that is both meaningful and sustainable. Together with you, we want to rethink the way we travel.

While there are hundreds opportunities to travel and volunteer abroad, travel2change asks for travelers to create their own ideas—essentially taking projects into their own hands and collaborating with local hosts to realize projects. One year ago, we launched our first contest, which saw over 60 ideas created by our community of travelers and locals. The four most promising projects were successfully realized in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Peru and Brazil.

In partnership with GOOD Maker, travel2change sought out the most inspiring ideas for its second contest. We encouraged individuals, groups, and organizations to submit a creative idea linking their passion with the purpose of making good happen through travel. The most inspiring submission will be rewarded with $1000 to go on a travel2change trip to make their idea a reality. Volunteer projects can come in all different shapes and sizes, from giving surfing lessons to children in Brazil, holding workshops for young women in Uganda, or empowering Sri Lankan families to help their children get to school.

Check out the projects that have been submitted and vote for your favorite to win $1,000 toward turning ideas for change into reality!

Let’s travel2change!



Thomas Kohler is the founder of travel2change. He believes that travel can change lives—both for travelers and locals. Together with a small team of volunteers he is building the travel2change community to connect travelers and locals to create meaningful change.