Off the Grid in Panama - TEDx Adventure The Jungle

What happens when you take over one hundred, 25-35 year-old thought leaders from the TEDx, Sandbox and Burning Man communities and drop them into the Panamanian jungle to bring in the new year?

TEDx Adventure: The Jungle – that’s what. 

Taking place from December 28th to January 1st and hosted by the sustainable settlement Kalu Yala, the TEDx Adventure will connect participants through disconnection from the outside world; taking them off the grid to immerse into an experience rooted in a sense of adventure and passion of turning ideas into action. The result will be three days and nights in the jungles of Panama chock-full of activities, talks, and unique educational sessions – all capped off by a New Years Eve celebration in the heart of Panama City’s historic neighborhood of Casco Viejo.

As Nate Mook, one of the primary organizers of TEDx Adventure and a respected veteran within the TEDx community stated, “attendees will enjoy three days in the jungle in which they chart their own course while learning what they want, when they want; walking away with an experience few can claim. There will be jungle-oriented workshops, informal group discussions, tropical exploration, and riverside recreation – even special forces training.” 

Considering that Panama is a vital country within the of Latin American political spectrum right now, Jimmy Stice, Founder of Kalu Yala jumped at the chance of hosting the TEDx Adventure event at his community, one which many have claimed to be ‘Never Never Land’. As he explained, “Kalu Yala is trying to be a hub to enable connection into the tropical regions. The vision for TEDx Adventure is to connect people to each other at an event that is really driven by values in order to create intimate bonds and enable the sharing of resources for future collaboration.” 

It is important to recognize that this is not your typical TEDx event. Instead, as organizer Ramy Nassar stresses, “We are getting the leaders of today and tomorrow together for a few days and exploring what it means to be alive, together.”

That exploration is one which is neglected all-to-often in our modern, hyper-connected, technologically driven, #hashtagged world. We often forget that the basis of our existence is authentic, genuine connection - both with our peers, and the Earth on which we stand. The TEDx Adventure will surely re-awaken that consciousness within its participants through its three day, fully immersive, crash-course experience in the heart of the Panamanian jungle. 

If you are late on the TEDx Adventure bandwagon and feel a burst of spontaneity don't freight, as all is not lost. For an all-inclusive fee of just $750 (not including airfare to Panama), you can still partake in what will surely be one of the premier off-the-grid New Years celebrations the world has to offer.

Learn more and take part in the TEDx Adventure by visiting their website HERE

For more information about Kalu Yala, read our interview with Founder / CEO Jimmy Stice.



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