PERU: Bring Better Education to Peruvian Students

During the 1980s, political terrorism was rife through Peru’s countryside, causing the rural people to flock to urban areas for protection.  Though the terrorism has since ended, Peru is suffering from the damage done to both its people and infrastructure, leaving the cities’ resources strained by the influx of people.  As a volunteer on this trip, you can help bring better education to Peruvians living on the outskirts of the urban centers, by encouraging school attendance, helping in the classroom, and teaching the students.  Based in Lima, Peru, this trip includes opportunities to become immersed in Peruvian culture; take Spanish classes, sample the food, and enjoy living like a local.  During free time, volunteers can shop the historic streets of Cuzco, hike the Colca Canyon, and explore the ancient city of Machu Picchu.  The min length for this trip is 1 week for $2,654, with a max stay of 3 months for $9,574.