Ready to check 32 bags at Denver airport? Yes, we are.
  When you see your 32 bags out of the airplane window you get really excited.
  Touchdown in Kabul.
  Starting the the set up with Anna Brones at Darulaman Place in Kabul.
  A true 'behind the scenes' look at the exhibition.
  The feet behind the magic... setting up at Kabul's historic Darulamon Palace.
  Red Reel sets up a film shoot.
  Original photo taken by Beth Wald in Badakshan—set up overlooking Kabul... mindblowing match up of the mountains by complete serendipity.
  The team has to eat. A difficult job.
  Always hard at work.
  Watching the exhibit in Istalif.
  The power of cameras and smiles. Photographer Tony Di Zinno (photo taken by Anna Brones).
  Setting up the exhibition on the dusty streets of Istalif on the first day of Eid.
  Moving the exhibition around is all part the process to get creative around the parameters of setting up public street art exhibitions.
  Anna making friends and practicing her insane language skills.
  Many of the children in Istalif touched the images as they walked by.
  The village bike has a pinwheel and the locals were happy to share a spin.
  Anna takes a spin on the village bike—a study in blues...
  Because pulling off the first street art exhibition in Afghanistan is something to celebrate. And Anna likes jumping photos.
  Mountain2Mountain work parties always involve coffee... no matter where we are.
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