Bob Geile filming a storm coming in.
   The WTYSL clan orchestrated a Kusasi wedding in Ghana, killed two goats and provided meat for the whole community.
   A man who was incorporated in the inner circle of Nakom.
   A beautiful moment of connection with a complete stranger and an act of generosity.
   A much appreciated photo for the mother who lacked a photo of her daughter.
   A photo of the husband and wife. They lack a photo of themselves and prior to this particular moment they all washed and got dressed in their nicest clothes.
  A beautiful Jordanian camel being milked. Without having the calf present, the she-camel won’t release any milk.
  A fisherman, who lives by the river near the developing community of Kalu Yala in Panama.
  A hat sculpture in the town of La Pintada, Panama.
  Exploring in the Wadi Araba desert in Jordan.
  Filming solar streetlights in Mogadishu, Somalia.
  Forgotten remains of Black Hawk Down in Somalia.
  President Clinton and Chef Jose Andres in Haiti.
  Rural Zambia.
  Somalia’s oldest printing press.
  Fresh Camel milk poured into a container at a farm outside Amman, Jordan.
  The African sky in Zambia.
  The art of camel milking in Jordan. What’s amazing is that this farm gives their milk out for free to people with health issues.
  The real Panama hat man in La Pintada – Penome, who makes all these hats himself.
  Victors not victims.
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