Langata Women's Prison, Nairobi, KENYA
  After yoga, Harambee Arts provides art supplies and the women are asked to paint what they feel. Most of them wrote about how much they loved yoga. And this one broke my heart: "I live with virus."
  "After yoga I feel very good."
  "After I practice yoga my body feels very relaxed, thank you."
  Today is Mother’s Day in Langata Women’s Prison. This beautiful child was born in prison and she seemed blessed to be surrounded by 70 nurturing mothers. 
  The women asked for a gentle class that day. I was told that many were not feeling well. Being HIV positive, and secluded from the world in an African prison is something too painful to imagine for most people. Yet, there was hope in their eyes, and I can only trust that this mind-body practice, is bringing a much needed, deeper kind of freedom and peace into their lives. 
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