Unusual Indigenous Homes

This photo essay highlights just a few of the fascinating array of indigenous homes found in every corner of the planet. Many are remarkable feats of human ingenuity - beautiful constructions that utilize natural materials from the landscapes where these people live, and each home is uniquely adapted to the environment and climate in which it is situated.

To us at least, these communities often seem remote or even abstract, and it can be difficult to understand what life might be like for these people whose culture seems so different from our own. We recently wrote a post about the age of adventurous empathy and one of the ideas we focused was the importance of fostering a sense of curiosity and of seeking to see the world through another's eyes. We hope that through the stories behind the homes you see below, you will catch a glimmer of what life might be like for some of the isolated tribes and ethnic minorities, who are spread out across the globe in many beautiful and far flung places. It isn't always easy.

This collection contains 20 photographs of these amazing and unusual homes. We’ve tried to relay information about these homes and the people who inhabit them as accurately as possible, but if you have anything to add or amend, please get in touch with us. Many thanks to all the lovely photographers for sharing their compositions.


ELLA FRANCES SANDERS @ellafsanders Ella is an intern at Maptia, who are on a mission to build the most inspirational map in the world.