WORLD: What Took You So Long?

Certifiably nomadic.

This is just one of countless ways to describe the rag-tag, bootstrapped guerrilla filmmaking collective What Took You So Long? (WTSYL). On any given day, this small, yet powerful team may span the area of three, even four continents. From Ghana to Haiti, Qatar to Panama, the WTYSL clan is constantly on the move - capturing images, and telling the stories from wherever their feet land.

Whether they be spanning the globe in search for some illustrious camel milk (yes, camel milk), or organizing TEDx events for the masses, WTYSL are constantly in pursuit of personifying the stories of the unsung heroes our world has to offer.

As guerrilla filmmakers, the team operates under the philosophy of their medium being a way of life, as opposed to a simple means of production. This is why they choose to live with those of whom they are filming and working with, take public transportation, and seek locals to collaborate with in the pursuit of building lasting relationships.

To date, the team has filmed in over 60 countries, with no signs of slowing down. These photos provide a small glimpse into the lives of these digital nomads and their tales of misadventure across the globe; those of which will undoubtedly continue well into the future.

PHOTOS: What Took You So Long? @WTYSL 

TEXT: Andrew Bridge @Bridgin_TheGap