ARGENTINA: Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

Immerse yourself in Argentinian culture and community as you go beyond the experience of typical travelers.  This trip will allow you not only to explore this vibrant country, but also give back to its inhabitants by working in a homeless shelter.  Since the 1980s, Argentina has been recovering from the effects of its “Dirty War.”  Though Argentina has made great strides in developing and modernizing, there are still numerous challenges to overcome.  Among the service opportunities available to you is volunteering in a homeless shelter in the beautiful city of Córdoba.  This shelter has been in operation for more than 20 years and has provided food, healthcare and employment services to countless men and women.  As a volunteer your tasks will include conducting workshops, assisting in treatment and therapy, and facilitating career training.  Your work is sure to make a meaningful impact on the lives of Argentina’s homeless.  The cost of this trip includes orientation, accommodation, and in-country support.  Spanish lessons are also available for an additional $80/week.

This program starts at $910 per person for a 2 week trip.