BHUTAN: Experience Gross National Happiness as an Untourist

Do you consider yourself an “untourist?” This might be the travel experience that’s right for you. The remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is the only country in the world to cultivate Gross National Happiness! The country consciously maintains a low volume of tourism by requiring each entrant to come with a state-licensed tour guide. Colorful Buddhist prayer flags flam from almost every surface, and there is still no McDonalds in sight. During this journey you will experience the generosity of a Bhutanese homestay, a curated tour with local guides, opportunities to interact with Bhutan’s monastic community, through ceremonies and lively debates about spirituality and meditation, a day spent reading to local schoolchildren, hikes and visits to hot springs. But the most interesting thing about this specific journey is the company that organizes it… Newly-founded Alternative Escapes focuses on creating transformative travel experiences for socially conscious travelers. It is an application-based travel community that hand-picks each person for each trip and provides Transformational Travel coaching before, during and after the adventure.