BRAZIL: Build a Community Center in Bahia

Head into a small village in Bahia, in Brazil, to lend a hand to a festive people.  It is said that, “when Bahians are not actually participating in a festival, they are rehearsing for one.”  This notion has led to the idea that these people are laidback and carefree, however their small community faces many large problems— alcoholism, unemployment, and a crumbling infrastructure.  Volunteers on this project will focus on building a multi-use community center that will serve as a meeting place for villagers to discuss solutions to the problems they face, and as a space for artisans to sell their local crafts, providing economic opportunity for many families.  Smaller projects, like teaching basic computer lessons or English, are also available.  During downtime, volunteers can learn some of these artisan skills first-hand, go for a walk on the beach, cook, or learn to dance with some of the world’s most festive people. Contact for more information about cost and departure dates.