BRAZIL: Help Brazilians Find Jobs

Salvador is one of Brazil’s largest coastline cities, and its urban environment has attracted hundreds of jobseekers.  Salvador now has too many workers and not enough work, causing a shortage that forced job hunters to leave their families behind in order to find a way to provide for everyone. Those left behind are often children and the elderly, causing a strain on resources and a decrease in quality care facilities.  On this project, you’ll be working alongside local communities as they close the gap in care, helping to provide better care and education for all ages. Volunteers can choose to work with the elderly and provide care and company, work with children to aide in daycare and schooling options, or choose to help those with HIV/AIDS.  You will be assigned to an area based on your interests and work with other volunteers to bring assistance to the communities in need. During free time, you can head to the ocean for a day on the beach, go hiking along through Amazonian terrain, or wander through the streets and marketplaces of the city.  Salvador is known as one of the happiest places on in the world, due to a large number of festivals and impromptu parties any day of the year! The minimum length for this trip is 1 week for $2,677.