CAMBODIA: Teach English to Monks

Cambodia has a long, violent history of war and genocide, but since the mid-90’s, peace has come to the country and is a safe place to visit.  The years of war, however, left a lasting impact on the Cambodian people, leaving most of them in extreme poverty and with a countryside strewn with unexploded landmines.  As a volunteer time will be spent in Siem Reap, near the famous Angkor Wat temples, helping with a variety of projects—from teaching English at the Buddhism Association School to distributing wheelchairs to the Cambodians who are left injured by the leftover mines.  Upon arrival on this trip, volunteers will receive a set itinerary that will include different projects to participate in, depending on the need for volunteers at the time.  During downtime, volunteers can explore the Angkor Wat temples and the floating village on the Tonle Sap Lake, or simply wander the streets of Siem Reap.