CAMEROON: Sell Coffee and Support Women's Rights

This is your opportunity to experience social entrepreneurship in rural Africa.  Despite the country’s impressive cultural diversity, Cameroon has still maintained political and social stability.  However, for subsistence farmers and their families, poverty is still the status quo, and they have limited access to healthcare and education.  This project aims to develop a 100% philanthropic coffee shop that will support women’s programs in Western Cameroon.  You will be involved in various aspects of the project including looking for funding, developing the business plan, taking photos, and meeting with local community members.  You will be situated in the beautiful coastal town of Limbe, where you will stay with a local host family.  There will also be time to travel around Cameroon to meet with other entrepreneurial groups as well as taking in the sights and going on safari!  The cost of this program includes all meals, accommodation, local guides/translators, in-country transport, and various activities.