CHINA: Build a School for Children in Need

In China, many of those living in impoverished, rural villages want to move to the city, in search of income and opportunity. In order to do this, citizens need official permission which is difficult to get and without it, families lose their rights to basic social services. Thus more than 150 million "migrant" people are marginalized in cities, children are prevented from going to public school and people are without health care, often living in makeshift housing. On this trip, volunteers will work in a non-profit middle school for migrant children. The school itself was created on an old factory plant, and the infrastructure needs a lot of work. Volunteers can help by painting classrooms, building furniture, improving bathroom facilities, as well as teaching English pronunciation and other essential skills. Additionally, volunteers will have the chance to sightsee including the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and much more. This trip costs $1,380 per week, for first week, and $750 per each add’l week, up to 3 weeks max.