CHINA: Volunteer with Pandas

China is a booming country with a culture steeped in thousands of years of history.  As the country becomes more modern, old and new ideas meld or clash together, and propel the country forward.  Start in the capital city of Beijing and explore famous landmarks like the Forbidden Palace, the Temple of Heaven, and, of course, the Great Wall of China. This trip takes travelers from Beijing to Xi’an, home to the famous Terracotta Warriors, then down to Chengdu in the Sichuan province. Volunteers on this trip have the chance to work on multiple projects: first, during the visit to the rural countryside on the edge of Beijing’s borders, spend two days working with those with developmental disabilities at a vocational school.  This time will have volunteers assisting in the classroom, preparing meals, and working on the farm.  The second project, at the Bifengxia Panda Center, will be focused on collecting and providing food for China’s famous giant pandas. End your trip in Shanghai, Paris of the East, and explore the famous Bund and marvel at the fast growing metropolitan area.  This 14-day trip starts at $2,249 per person.