ECUADOR: Amazonian Tribal Quest

Forget about typical travel packages to the Amazon! Be the first in your circle to visit the culturally intact Amazonian tribe of the Achuar nation. Experience three distinct regions of Ecuador including the Andes, the lowlands, and a remote Amazonian oasis by staying in the exotic comfort and tranquility of three world-renowned ecolodges. Get ready for ten days of authentic Ecuadorian food, vast mountain and jungle landscapes, rainforest hikes, the historic neighborhoods of Quito, and the unique opportunity to leave modern civilization behind and live among one of the last remaining intact indigenous tribes in the world. This is the ultimate eco-cultural adventure, and your dollars will directly support the struggle to sustain the culture of the Achuar nation and preserve the rainforest which they call home. But the most interesting thing about this specific journey is the company that organizes it… Newly-founded Alternative Escapes focuses on creating transformative travel experiences for socially conscious travelers. It is an application-based travel community that hand selects each person for each trip and provides Transformational Travel coaching before, during and after the adventure.