GREECE: Study Dolphin Behavior

On the edge of the Mediterranean sea, in the small Grecian village of Vonitsa is a well preserved, natural landscape.  The fishing industry in this region has raised concern about its impact on the area’s dolphin population.  Volunteers will work closely with scientists tracking the dolphin’s activities and pod sizes.  Most days begin on a small research vessel, cruising the waters in search of bottlenose dolphins.  Once found, researchers will be taking notes and documenting their behavior, the group composition, and the interactions between the dolphins and the fishing community. This research will help identify any threats to both the animals and their habitat.  After each day, volunteers will return to the village where you’ll be immersed in Greek culture and enjoy small-village life in pristine and natural surroundings. This 8 day trip costs $2,237.  Stay tuned for upcoming departures.