GUATEMALA: Get Involved in Fair Trade Activism and Human Rights

See the realities of fair trade practices in Latin America.  You will visit local cooperatives in Guatemala that are working to promote growth in impoverished Mayan-Qeqchi areas.  U.S. fair trade agreements are in place with various Guatemalan artisan groups and grassroots NGOs.  You will have the chance to visit these organizations and learn how their efforts to provide fair wage employment are fueling widespread progress in terms of gender equality, rights enforcement, and community development.  However, not all fair trade industries are successful.  You will be able to analyze the negative sides of fair trade by looking at the mining industry and its inadequate environmental and human rights policies.  Your time in Guatemala is sure to give you an entirely new outlook on fair trade practices in the U.S. and abroad.

This 9-day experience costs $1,600 per person.