INDIA: Help Fight Poverty

Head into the “Pink City” of India, Jaipur, named for its bright building facades—designed in part by India’s late Maharaja Jai Singh II in the 1700’s.  The city has since become a thriving cultural center for the Indian state of Rajasthan, and one of the state’s largest cities; it also boasts a large population of poverty-stricken residents, who live throughout the more rural sections of the city. Volunteers on this trip will help a local community in Jaipur, and its citizens, in the fight against poverty.  Work with rescued child laborers, and helping disadvantaged children by providing support for teachers and assisting at day care centers. Volunteers will also be working to improve the communal facilities, mostly by beautifying the existing structures.  All projects are focused on increasing the quality of life for the communities around Jaipur. During spare time, explore the old Bazaar or take an elephant ride at the nearby Amber fort; embrace the Bollywood scene, visit a traditional carpet factory, or eat with a local family.  Enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of India and work to better the quality of life for some of India’s poorest families.