KENYA: Journey with Africa Yoga Project

Africa Yoga Project empowers young people in Kenya’s urban slums through yoga, innovating a replicable model that creates jobs, improves health and develops leaders. AYP offers yoga, meditation, self exploration through inquiry, performing arts, health education (HIV/AIDS) and community activism. AYP empowers over 250,000 Kenyans a year through the power of yoga. They offer two programs: Ambassador Program: volunteers choose the dates they would like to come after they go through the application process. It is a two week trip.  There is a fundraising requirement of $10,000.   For more detailed information visit, Seva Safari is a 10 day group service volunteer trip. The dates are pre-set for Seva Safari. We have 3 Seva Safaris a year at the moment.  The fundraising goal is $5000.  For more information visit: