NEPAL: Becoming a Clean Water Courier

Waves For Water (W4W) is mobilizing an urgent clean ­water disaster relief initiative in response to the earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25th 2015.  W4W provides clean water solutions worldwide through ongoing projects and a volunteer program, Clean Water Couriers.  Their mission is to get clean water to every single person who needs it.  The W4W philosophy is to empower people to take initiative, step outside their comfort zone, and create a unique experience for themselves.  W4W was born out of a love for discovery, travel, and adventure… and they want the "volunteer" model to stay in line with that by encouraging and empowering people in this way.

Waves for Water will base just outside of Kathmandu with their in-country partners, Insights Himalaya Alpine guides. They will focus on smaller communities around the region that are cut off and have no access to help.  

For those who want to get out into the field, Waves for Water has teamed up with surf company Hurley International to develop an independent volunteer program called Clean Water Couriers.  It is not a traditional volunteer model, but is more of a Do-It-Yourself model meant to be utilized by people who want to travel and have a give-back component to their trip.   Waves For Water does not send people anywhere, but rather, each person creates their own travel experience and then crowdfunds on the site to buy filters for their trip.  W4W provides the platform and serves as a resource for information about the filter systems, and how people may distribute them once on the ground.  You can make a huge difference in the lives of people and communities in distress by packing a few water filters in your suitcase.  The filters are compact, easy-to-use and can provide up to 100 people with clean water for up to 5 years. They cost $25-$50 each.

Waves for Water