NEPAL: Join the Fight to End Human Trafficking

Join a small group of determined individuals who seek to end human trafficking.  You will work with Maiti Nepal, an organization that has helped more than 20,000 girls to avoid or escape from the sex trafficking industry.  Due to the poverty of many rural Nepalese families, some young girls are sold to traffickers who take them across the border into India where they are forced to work as sex slaves.  Maiti Nepal’s mission is to intervene in this process by educating at-risk girls at its 3 prevention schools and keeping watch for trafficking victims at over a dozen interception posts.  Rescued girls participate in a free 6-month course that teaches them basic literacy, math, and trade skills.  This trip will take you to the heart of Nepal as you visit a school and interception post, and learn about the prevention and rehabilitation programs that Maiti Nepal promotes.  Hopefully, this trip will inspire you to share what you have seen and increase global awareness about the horrors of human trafficking.

This program starts at $2,950 per person for a 10 day trip.