PERU: Get Medical Care to Those Who Need It

Get hands-on medical experience while working with the locals of Lima or Cusco!  As a volunteer, you will work with underprivileged Peruvian populations who have limited access to healthcare facilities.  While you will be assigned to a medical center, there will also be opportunities to venture out into the community to teach disease prevention classes or provide care to those who are unable to come to the center. You will work Monday through Friday from 8 am to 1 pm, seeing about 30 patients per day.  On the weekends, you will have the chance to travel around Peru and to other parts of South America.  You will also be able to learn about the Peruvian culture from your local host family with whom you will stay and take 2 meals a day with.  This program is a great way to delve into the medical field because you will be able to work with an established medical community of nurses, doctors, administrators and other dedicated volunteers.