PERU: Help Stop Illegal Trade in the Amazon

Fly into Lima, Peru and spend a day exploring the capital city and it’s sites dating from the days of the Spanish Conquistadors and prior.  The city is full of museums, markets, cafes, and restaurants, so enjoy a night of exploration.  The next day, volunteers will be flown to Puerto Maldonado for the volunteer project.  This project will work with Amazon Shelter, a group dedicated to protecting and promoting the welfare of animals.  Work with the professionals and other volunteers here to rehabilitate abandoned or confiscated animals from illegal trade, further biological and veterinary research of Amazonian wildlife, and support the governmental and private institutions that work against the illicit traffic of the surrounding wildlife.  After five days, head into the Tambopata Rainforest area, and explore the Amazon with local guides, or participate in some of the other activities like bird watching, piranha fishing, or jungle hikes.  Fly home from the Puerto Maldonado airport.