PERU: Volunteer Support For Young Mothers

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This project is located in Cusco, Peru and aims to support young mothers and their children. Due to social conditions, there has been a rise in teen pregnancies in the country. Therefore, this project offers the opportunity to work within the community with NGOS that provide accomodation, support, and work opportunities for mothers. In addition, it is the goal to create a family environment for these mother-child pairs by giving them access to basic nutrition, hygiene, childcare, and household lessons to the mothers. Additionally, there is the responsibility to teaching women valuable skills that can be used in the workforce or possible business ventures. Furthermore, this project focuses on helping these women raise their children in a healthy and safe environment. Some tasks include baby care, teaching basic English, and running exercise classes. The duration of the trip is 2 - 26 weeks, it costs $1587 for two weeks, and you must be at least 18 years old to participate.