PERU: Volunteer with the Children of Cuzco

Arrive in Cuzco, one of South America’s oldest, continuously inhabited, cities, and spend the day in museums, markets, or among the many cathedrals or Incan ruins around Cuzco.  Volunteers on this project will spend two weeks working with children of low-income families at a drop in center, supported by Planetterra.  Many times, these children are forced to drop out of school to help bring money in for their family, but this center works to give the opportunity to voluntarily “drop-in” to the center and receive homework help, participate in a class or workshop, or even just for a warm meal.  Volunteers here will help teach English, participate in workshops, help with homework, and help in the kitchen.  Because volunteers will be working closely with the children, intermediate Spanish is a must! On days off, explore the ancient Incan ruins, head back out into the down, or visit the remaining colonial buildings and structures, built by the Spanish conquerors.  This 14-day trip starts at $999 per person.