ROMANIA: Help Break the Cycle of Poverty

After the collapse of an oppressive government, Romania worked to reclaim its rich heritage and to develop its economy.  Despite efforts to improve the country, there are still many people living in poverty, a high illiteracy rate, and open discrimination against the Roma (or “Gypsies”) population.  Volunteers of this trip will partner with local organizations to work on one of a number of projects from building a “Social and Educational Centers,” which will eventually become a home for nearly a dozen families, to implementing “green” initiatives. Volunteers on this trip will be located just outside Brasov, a medieval-esque town with cobblestone streets, old castles, and farm villages.  During free time, explore Brasov’s historic town center, its cultural sites, and even the infamous Bran Castle, also referred to as Dracula’s Castle, located just outside town. This 8 day trip is $1,390.