SOUTH AFRICA: Care for Tiger and Lion Cubs

Since the 70’s, Africa’s lion population has dramatically decreased due to poaching, loss of natural habitats, and disease.  The Tiger and Lion Park was founded to help foster a healthy lion bloodline, and works to reintroduce them into the wild.  Over the years, three Siberian Tigers were brought to the park, and the tigers began breeding together, the park provides care for the tigers and their cubs.  Today the park has grown to include the care of other large African cats, as conservationists and volunteers work together to protect the animals. Volunteers of this trip will be providing one-on-one care of the tiger and lion cubs, including food preparation and feedings, exercising the cubs, enclosure maintenance, data collection, and park preservation.  A volunteer’s workload for their stay at the park is tough but rewarding. The park is located just outside Port Elizabeth, and a short drive away from the National Elephant Park, Jeffery’s Bay beach town, and other regional highlights.