Every Mother Counts, a maternal health care non-profit dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere, presents CON MADRE. The short documentary film highlights the importance of midwifery care in one of the most dangerous countries in Central America to give birth, Guatemala. The film follows Erika and Dora María, students training to be the first university-level midwives (parteras) in the country, as they return to their hometowns in the rural, Indigenous communities of Guatemala. Once there, Erika and Dora María continue their education under the mentorship of traditional midwives, comadronas. Erika and Dora María work with the comadronas to continue their culture’s traditional practices of birth and natural medicine, while also incorporating the new skills and training from school and health centers. Both women share their own personal stories of empowerment and dedication to helping women and families in their communities. Erika, who is pregnant, also plans a home birth under the guidance of her comadrona, Azucena, a powerful leader in her community, and with the help of her fellow midwives at school, including Dora María. For more information, visit

Biking through a Guatemalan Jungle Preserve

Winding through the lush rainforests below Guatemala’s Volcan de Agua is a growing mecca for mountain biking. Known as El Zur, the 2,500-acre private nature reserve was created to protect the land. Turns out, the best way to protect the land sustainably is to offer a variety of outdoor activities. Join guide José Pablo Jelkmann Mendia as he takes us through this pristine paradise on bike, replete with lush trails, suspension bridges and dreamlike waterfalls. It's truly a site to behold.

The Fourth World

The award winning film Fourth World takes you inside slums on three continents to meet individuals caught up in the largest people migration in the history of the world. Understanding 'a billion people' is almost impossible, but meeting a handful of slum dwellers strips away the statistic and begins the process of building understanding. Journey with the filmmakers to Guatemala, Kenya and the Philippines to meet slum dwellers. Listen to published experts--leaders in their fields from three more continents--as they bring understanding to the 'why' of slums, and foreshadow what's going to happen if the world ignores this social powder keg much longer.


Living on One Dollar

We have all heard about the more than 1 billion people that live on less than $1/day. But could you do it? Four friends set out to do so for 56 days in Guatemala and this film, Living on One Dollar, is the result. "Living on One Dollar is a must-watch film that provides a unique look into the hardship and hope of life in extreme poverty." — Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate.