UK: Do a Child Protection Internship

Have you always felt a calling to protect the vulnerable? Do you have a passion for non-profit work and human rights?  If so, this internship is for you!  For 2-3 months, you can intern at an NGO in Bristol, England that is working to prevent the abuse of children and young people who are living away from their parents.  Currently, there are millions of young people who may be in the UK to learn English, to access better education, or to find refuge from violence in their home countries.  Without their families, these kids are extremely vulnerable to mistreatment, and thus they are in need of a safe environment and individuals they can rely on.  As an intern, you will participate in projects such as fundraising, database input, administration, or marketing.  In addition to gaining valuable professional experience, there will be plenty of time to explore England and get a feel for British culture.  During your time in the UK, you will stay with a local host family and be provided with half board during the week and full board on the weekends. 

This internship starts at $3,495 per person for a 2 month trip.  Upcoming Departures: year-round.